Catfidence 100% Organic Bamboo Cat Litter

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Catfidence™ is our 100% organic cat litter made from bamboo. Based on the cellular structure of bamboo, Catfidence™ has a natural absorbency and odor control that is superior to other cat litters.

There are no chemicals or additives in our cat litter, which makes for a much safer environment for pets, people and the planet.

One 7 lb bag lasts an entire month and is equivalent to a 40 lb bag of traditional clay litters.  Plus, our litter is harvested from sustainable bamboo farms vs being pulled from harmful strip mining.

  • Made from natural, sustainably-grown bamboo
  • All natural absorption and odor control
  • USDA Certified Biobased Product with a 98% Biopreferred rating
  • 100% organic bamboo cat litter
  • 5X the liquid absorption for longer lasting product 
  • 99% dust free 

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS:  Catfidence™ is not like traditional clay litters. We recommend placing at all 7 lbs of litter (at least 5 lbs) into the litter pan. As needed, scoop any waste solids and wet litter clumps into the toilet. That's right, you can flush them down with no worries. Then use your waste scoop to stir the remaining litter and mix any wet litter into the dry litter. At the end of the month, you can toss the used litter into your compost bin, yard, or trash.  It's 100% organic and natural with a 98% rating from the USDA Biopreferred program.

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